Is hairspray an aerosol?

Hairspray is commonly available as an aerosol, but it also comes in non-aerosol forms. Aerosol hairsprays use a pressurized can to dispense the product as a fine mist, providing even coverage and a strong hold, which is ideal for setting hairstyles quickly and effectively. The propellants used in aerosol hairsprays help to achieve a fine, consistent spray that can be applied evenly over the hair. Non-aerosol hairsprays, on the other hand, typically use a pump mechanism to dispense the product. These sprays do not rely on pressurized propellants and are often considered more environmentally friendly. They can provide a different application experience, sometimes resulting in a wetter spray that can help control frizz and add shine but might not offer the same level of hold as aerosol versions. Both forms of hairspray serve the same basic purpose of setting and holding hairstyles, with the choice between them depending on personal preference and environmental considerations.

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